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We believe in the strength of close collaboration. Instead of going off and doing our own work in isolation, then checking in periodically, we integrate our clients into our work flow. Instead of two seperate teams trying to coordinate, it's like having your own in-house team.

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    Improving Math Education

    We worked with math education faculty at Drexel University to create the only multiuser geometry application in the world. It includes a wide range of unique features for a diverse group of stakeholders, including students, teachers, and researchers.

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    Helping Math Students

    To aid in student collaboration, we created an integrated chat that is aware of the changes made to the geometric construction. When students enter chat messages, they can reference specific actions to make clear what their message is about.

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    Helping Teachers and Researchers

    The system provides real time logs so teachers can keep an eye on their sessions without logging in and disrupting the students. For researchers, all session data is available through an API so they can analyze the results.

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    Solving Unique Problems

    One of our current projects is automating a system for provisioning and configuring cloud-based Minecraft servers on demand. There is no other Minecraft server host that automatically provides clusters of servers, proxied together, and preconfigured with various plugins. To achieve this we are leveraging the most innovative "infrastructure as code" tools out there, including Terraform and Cloud Init.

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